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The sound of cheap shoes slapping against the floor reverberated off the walls. Nothing could be heard, other than the steadily increasing pace of this infernal noise, this ever-present reminder of how each and every day began for us. Only a few dozen of us were subjected to this at a time, but that was hardly an encouraging though. Occasionally, the rhythm was broken as our jailer barked his newest orders at our group, never allowing a moment of rest, lest we wished to anger him and double our plight.
These were meaningless, yet cleverly painful tasks to follow, each designed to drain us of our energy and stamina. By the end, hardly anyone could stand, which was exactly the intention behind it. No one needed us to be strong and capable, as that surely would have caused problems for them. The numbers were on our side, but without proper equipment or support, there was hardly anything we could do.
I have been subjected to days such as this, since I've reached the age of six. My entire t
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Hush little one, I'm here now...
I've been watching you for such a long time now. I've sought you ever since you've first let out that cry of anguish, that heart-rending wail that pierced my ears and had drawn my eyes upon you. Your voice was heartbreaking and if I had one, I would have wailed along with you, for it surely would have shattered as well.
Has it been years now, or still just months? I cannot tell, time doesn't matter for me. It exists only as a shroud, a veil, further separating me from you. Daytime, nighttime, playing an intricate, yet oh-so-simple game of catch with each other. Day after day I stand in wait, wishing you would finally notice my trepidation.
I've been here the whole time, you know. I've seen you play, study, grow stronger and taller. I've seen your friends, noisy and undisciplined bunch, not at all like you, always prim, proper and so much like my own little ones; a perfect gentleman. The thought of mischief would never even occur to you, your prec
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It was to be a professional exchange in a quiet little place, wholly unremarkable and featureless. No major gyms, no huge events, none of the sort ever upset the solitude of this little town. It had no memorable natural qualities and no outstandingly worthwhile resources. There was nothing about it that would have attracted an outsider, even the foreigners visiting for the solstice dance night kept few memories of the night.
Exactly the kind of  place they needed right now.
He had already been waiting for her, standing back against a wall and watching the couples stroll by, locked in an almost painfully slow dance routine. Methodical, strict and just plain utterly boring steps followed one after another, never deviating from the norm even for a moment, as if it had been the law.
He groaned and shook his head, his huge hairdo moving along with the motion. He had regretted that little bet a million times by now and he hadn't even been forced to do anything yet. He harbored few
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Mature content
Path to Divinity '11 Ch. 5 :iconzay-el:zay-el 1 2
Path to Divinity '11 Ch. 4
A sphere of energy is something most fairies learn fairly early on in their studies. It had always been their most basic defensive spell and served them nicely throughout their lives most of which would be spent without any kind of conflict that might actually require them to use this. As the Pirate Invasion had proven though, it was never a bad thing to prepare, thus the importance of this lesson had grown multitudes these past years.
There was nothing difficult in learning it, either. It required only the most simplest of magical talents and was easy to conjure up. All it needed was for one to have both palms facing each other, concentrate on having their own internal energy gather in the space between them and once enough had accumulated, form it into a sphere shape. Still, some always had a harder time learning things, than others.
"I still can't do this!" the fairy cried, scowling as the tiny little ball of energy between her palms disappeared in a brief fl
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Path to Divinity '11 Ch. 3
Chapter 3: Downpour
By the time the first few droplets of water had fallen upon the Glade, most have already retreated into the comfort of their homes. Children were ushered in everywhere, Teensies calmly gathered their equipment and retreated into one of their many-many hiding places. Even those who chose to stay outside for whatever reason, found themselves some kind of shelter from the storm.
Although it began with little more than a light drizzle, it didn't take long before the raindrops grew in number and force as well. A few minutes was all it needed to become enough of a reason not to even attempt going out for a while. Some worried that a few stray bolts of lightning might cause some damage, but while the sky was dark and thunderous, the old trees of the forest managed to avoid such a fate thus far.
Of course, as luck would have it, some would always end up stranded in the middle of all this. Animals, unable to get back straight to their nests, or a couple of fairies,
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Path to Divinity '11 Ch. 2
Chapter 2: Gathering Storm
The first few moments past awakening were the hardest to bear. Even though the shadows of the night were banished the moment his eyes sprung open, feelings continued to linger around in him for a short while, tormenting even the sweetest of mornings. The images; those horrible portrayals of misery were always extinguished with the nightmares themselves, but their imprint upon his mind did not go without some reaction, even if by now it eased into slight trembles of the body.
Slowly, almost cautiously, he raised a hand to his head, wiping the more stubborn beads of sweat off his brow. His breath still came in the form of mild panting, his rapidly beating heart telltale of the horrors he had seen, just a few minutes ago. The boy paused for a little while longer, before he shook his head and threw the covers off.
"I could really do without these…" Salian muttered and inhaled deeply to ease up.
The nightmares had been punishing his sleep for tw
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Path to Divinity '11 REWRITE
Chapter 1: Child's Play
"Red Glute, second circle from the green square, facing northeast."
Ly's ears perked up slightly to the call, the game once again grabbing her attention, despite her solemn vow of not even attempting to listen any longer, lest she wished to spend another couple of minutes confused. Nevertheless, in the end, she glanced up briefly from the worn book she's been trying to absorb herself in, spying at the two playing just a few feet before her.
Their game was an unknown one, ever to her ancient kind. It bore no resemblance to any kind of board game in existence, nor did it seem to show any relation to card or outdoor games. It was in a league of its own, though that also meant that no one had been capable of grasping the elaborate rules it possessed. By now, she guessed it didn't actually have any set rules at all. Several times she'd tried to understand, but even with both of them trying their best to teach her, she grasped nothing of it.
The actual board
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Close your eyes.
So many assume the world is meant to be viewed purely from a visual point-of-view. Believe your eyes and nothing else, for what you can see, must be real, right? Never mind trivial things, such as air, your eyes must always be the ultimate truth, according to the smart people.
Come on, try it. Close your eyes for a moment.
See? Trick question of course, since you don't see anything right now. Tell me, however, what do you perceive? Your eyes aren't the only way you can take in the world around you, but I don't need to tell you that, do I? You've probably heard the whole "smell, taste, feel, wax on, wax off" routine several million times already.
Truth to be told, while they might be somewhat efficient, perhaps even enough, you'd have a much easier time simply connecting the dots in your head. Match together the patterns you've learned from people, place them in the order you find fit and you might just end up with a clearer picture than you would have with going aro
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Sweet Love
They say something's not right about me.
A brand new day dawns once more, filled to the brim with promises. A bright flashy smile immediately takes possession of my face as I leap out of my bed, refreshed by the much-needed slumber I had just awakened from. Jumping straight into the usual morning routine, I prepare for the inevitable leave I must take from my 'cave'.
Some say I have a problem...
Door closes, keys tinkle, lock clicks and I'm finally set to go. Already I'm beginning to feel the twinge of anticipation as I take my first step towards the usual goal. It had become a regular routine by now, yet it is never boring. Something new and exciting always awaits me, but whatever it may be, I'm ready to meet it head-on. I live for this thrill, there's no place for any other thoughts in my head.
Others claim I'm crazy...
I cannot help, but feel a slight sense of repulsion though, as I near the busy streets I need to cross. So many unattractive, nauseating and dece
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title under construction
A low hum fills the room with sound as the lights of the laptop begin to flicker. While the BIOS screen violently claims that it's an honest-to-Cthulhu ***** Technologies product, I spend these couple of moments adding another distinct noise into the room, in the form of an utterly lazy yawn.
Not quite the most dignified way to enter EPIC COMBAT, but hey, if Rocky hadn't climbed up the Great Pyramid, we wouldn't have had the Die Hard series nor would Dolph Lundgren appear in a Norton commercial, right?
Nevermind, I forgot where I was going with-- hello, pretentious Windows(MS pays more than *****, they can get away with it) Login Screen!
As I type in the password (no, not disclosing it here, you're not getting it no matter how you beg!), my gaze drifts upon the very familiar, if not quite beautiful face of the Sarafan -turned vampire-turned soul-sucking freak inhabiting my login picture. An undead creature, how appropriate for this morning...
Already, before even a single tiny fragment
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Unsung Words
"...Masuta? I have a question!"
His curious, almost natural voice was enough to pull her attention away from the butterfly, the animal enjoying the bit of privacy it had by quickly fleeing the scene. His very slight Japanese accent gave a unique flavor to her title, which he donned to use on his own whim. She turned slightly, her gaze shifting to rest upon the very familiar frame of her caretaker-friend.
Shion Kaito, or VOC-01-SK, as some folk seemed to prefer calling him, for no adequate reason, was standing tall in the grass as he usually did, watching as she enjoyed what limited free time she had outside. He was a Personal Cybernetic Assistant, cutting-edge in design, programming and many more.
In most ways, he was a landmark in commercialized androids, luckily passing through the terrible uncanny feeling most people had of mechanized helpers. New technology, remarkably human-like, it was no wonder people often felt as if leading robot-manufacturers were running an industrialized Fr
:iconzay-el:zay-el 6 7
U been HAXED
B0rn of an uNHoly coupling
Smolder__ing disc0nt3nt
Acer'bic MaLiCe!!44!!
I LiVe in haTEful hearts
Gooooing at the sp€€d of broaDBand
Manifeassting tru keyboreds
B3coming(g-g-g) A garbled me$$ of
Hypertext and ALL CAPS!!4?
dA hammer m4y strike
But(t) a baN is nothing to meEEEE^ˇ()
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Those Who Are Nameless
We're leaving home today. Papa said we'd go a lot of times before, but this time he means it. He says a lot of bad things will happen in this country and if we don't leave now, it'll be even worse. I would like it if we had more food, but I don't want to leave. My 9th birthday's soon and I wanted to have a big party with all my friends!
Mama says she'll make me a huge cake once we'll be in our new house. I like my friends better, but I guess cake isn't too bad either. I hope she'll make a chocolate one.
*   *   *
I don't like this. The truck we're in is dirty and smelly and there are a lot of people here. Some of them I know, but the rest are from different towns, I hear. I made a friend though. And she's also 8! I already promised her half the cake.
It's hard to write here. The truck moves a lot and my pencil keeps puncturing the paper. I'll write some more when we're there.
*   *   *
Something strange happened. We left the t
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I never quite liked Mondays. The feeling of dread and depression as yet another monotonous week is to begin slowly swallows me up as I look out the window, sipping my morning coffee.
I wave back at the postman tiredly, watching through blood-sharped, half-closed eyes as Mrs. Morrison steadily keeps gnawing his neck. For an old hag halfway between her eighties and a tombstone, she certainly seems to enjoy the taste of human flesh, clearly identified through the loud growls she lets out during her meaty breakfast.
Personally, I prefer cereal.
Postman Tom finally quiets down as his life seeps away, bringing back the familiar status quo of silence into the neighborhood. I give a moment of thought who would bring the daily mail from now on, but my thoughts are rudely interrupted as Mrs. Morrison lets out the most blood-curling scream I've ever heard from an old woman with lung-cancer. Not quite the most articulate one at that, if I might add.
As the last few gulps of my
:iconzay-el:zay-el 8 8
He was leaving today.
The sounds of packing seemed to echo through the house that morning. Although the sun was shining brightly as spring was slowly taking back the world from winter's grasp, everything was encased in an eerie silence. One could only hear faint noises in every house, each reminiscent of the one before and each carrying the same tragic tone to it.
Her father was leaving today.
Another batch of his stuff fell into his trunk, necessities quickly piling up, almost to try and destroy his chances of taking much sweeter things with him instead. Where he was going, that was not allowed. She continued to watch him from the doorframe, hold fluffy little toy dangling in her hand as she watched him with confusion. She couldn't quite understand it all, but her Mama said he was going away for some time.
"How long and where?" she asked, already pouting a bit. If she hadn't known better, she would have thought he was just trying to escape having to repair the creaking of her bed.
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Okay, so technically it was yesterday, but I completely forgot to make a notice of it. XD Either way, I've reached my 19th year upon this world and hope to live many-many more! I will go celebrate with friends later this months since these days were inconvenient for all of us, but I had a swell time with family nonetheless, although as one might expect, b-days aren't exactly the big whoops they used to be. X3

On another note which I've been honestly reluctant to update was of course the issue I presented last time. I'm very grateful for all your good-wishes and cheers, they really meant a lot. Mom's doing remarkably well considering the situation and though what happened cannot be undone, she wishes to give it another shot as soon as possible and refuses to fall into utter depression and despair as many would. Heh, she always amazed me how well she can overcome even the worst situations. I'm not sure I could do the same.

Aaaaanyway, gloomy stuff aside-aside now. X3 School's as terrible and frustrating as one can imagine, with requirements increasing moment-to-moment. X_X I have NO idea yet how I'm gonna survive this exam period, but I'll try my best. XD Writing-wise I have little to none though. I might do a couple of contests in the near future, but not much more than that. Any bigger plans will have to be postponed as next to school, swimming and translations, I have little time left to spare.

Hope you're all doing well!
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